"Amy Ware is one of the warmest souls you will ever meet. The minute you arrive, you will feel welcomed by her and her equally lovely instructors.”


Hello friend,

I'm guessing my story is not all that different from yours. Existing with the busyness of life left me feeling disconnected, uncreative, and to be honest, a bit hopeless. I had occasional moments of feeling creative, inspired, and connected when I circled with other women. I began seeking out more opportunities to connect authentically with other women. Cascadia Makers Retreat was born out of this desire to connect with myself, my creativity, and other women.

I create a safe and supportive space for you to show up and get back in touch with yourself. 

Here’s the thing, Cascadia Makers Retreat isn't really just about making things. Creative projects are a gentle entrée into connecting to yourself: What do you like? What do you think is beautiful? What matters to you? It’s also about listening to the longing you have to connect with others, to try something new, to create, to be seen and heard for who you really are.

Let's get you connected to your creativity.

Amy Ware
Founder and Head Camp Counselor
Cascadia Makers Retreat